Salkantay trek Your best Choice


Salkantay trek is the best option. Hiking 75 kilometers = 46 miles and reaching the famous Apacheta (mountain offerings) pass 4621masl = 15160ft which is the highest point of the Salkantay trek: enjoying the amazing view during the hike from Mollepata town to Soraypampa base camp at knee of the Umantay mountain. Then to go up to the highest point to enjoy the view of outstanding snow-capped Salkantay mount.

This was one of the most important Apus in the Inca period! Then you are going dawn to Chaullay through the beautiful scenery and then go to Santa Teresa to jump into the natural and medicinal hot spring. And finally we reach to Aguas Calientes town for overnight in the hotel and the last day of your adventure you will get up too early to be the firsts ones up in Machupicchu and enjoy the sunrise


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Salcantay is a large, steep peak with great vertical relief, particularly above the low valleys to the north, which are tributaries of the Amazon River. Salcantay was first climbed in 1952 by a French-American expedition comprising Fred D. Ayres, David Michael, Jr., John C. Oberlin, W. V. Graham Matthews, Austen F. Riggs, George I. Bell, Claude Kogan, M. Bernard Pierre, and Jean Guillemin. All except Oberlin, Riggs, and Guillemin made the summit.[9]Two years later Fritz Kasparek fell through a cornice near the summit on the NE ridge...